Friday, August 26, 2011

Telling People You Wrote A Book In Your Hometown

Today, I have two children sick. Nothing serious; one has a sinus issue & the smaller one is throwing up due to quick stomach virus. Yay ME~   Now, you are probably wondering what the CRAP that has to do with the title right now.... it has everything to do with it. Here's why....
I'm out of medication for the child with the sinus issue. NP!! I got this! Hubby gets up early (he works at night) and volunteers to watch both children so I can run into town for a few groceries & the medicine. Wow... that made my day better, especially since I went to bed at 10:30 last night & woke up at 1:30 in the morning with our 5 yr old... puking her eyeballs out.  I go to the big chain store that I suppose I shouldn't mention due to legal reasons... but we all know who I am talking about. Uncle Sam isn't the only one we all know~ lol. I stopped by the book section (we all do~ none of us can pass up a chance to look at what we are trying to make our living at) & there is one woman standing in the section, looking at Christian romance books.
She was aimlessly walking her fingers through the pile while I was looking in the paranormal romance section but I could see her glance at me once in a while. No big deal. Everybody is curious about people in their "circle". Until she opens her mouth...
"Do you like reading those devil books?"
I looked at her with what must have been a really funny face because she repeated the question. To me. A stranger.... so I answered that yes, I do like reading them, I like to read different types of books, period.
"Hmmphf" was the answer I received for that.  At that point, I don't know why, but I couldn't just LET IT GO... I mean, really, I wanted to. I tried to stay quiet. My mouth wouldn't stay SHUT.
"I write those kind of books so I tend to buy these more than any other kind."
sigh.... I knew better... I know this.
"You're gonna go to hell & take all those people with you that you are deceiving," and she stomped off.. pushing her buggy, muttering something about that store selling stuff not fit for young people to read.
OKAY, obviously that type of book wasn't her cup of tea. I get it. Many people in a smaller town where religion is not about faith, it's about a way of life in general, you are going to have that. I have tough skin so I can deal with it.
Until I check out and see the EXACT same woman in front of me, putting the last of her groceries on the belt line. And the 3 books she is buying.
Harlequin Blaze... all 3 of them were Harlequin Blaze!  OH COME ON, Really??? I didn't say anything because it would have looked like I was harrassing a woman for no reason but I wanted to .. Oh, I really, really wanted to. Which brings me to my question. So far, most of my followers are writers...

What is the worst thing you have heard or have been told when you admitted you were an author? 

Let me know~


  1. I've never had anyone say anything bad when I've admitted I was a writer. But then again, I'm fairly snarky in real life, I don't think anyone has ever been surprised. I would have totally called that lady out in line. OMG, I want to know how to get to your local chain store so I can hang out in the book section late at night with a cart filled with paranormal books. LOL that would be so much fun.

  2. Saw your Twitter post and linked through because I'm about to out myself to the entire city through a scheme with another local writer...

    Small towns are awful for their lack of openmindedness. You're such a sinful person, how dare you write books that thousands of people enjoy... ;)

    I haven't been told anything snarky yet, but my family tends to look at my books as a side hobby. Little do they know, I'm aiming for that light at the end of the tunnel--quitting my day job and writing full time. I'm sure that will go over wonderfully with my mother. :)

    I hope your little ones get better soon!

  3. Remember the flap HP initially caused? I am a conservative Christian but never 'got' why CS Lewis was 'okay' and HP was not-But JK Rowling had the Last laugh. I'm an avid reader of all kinds of genres and Would never ban any book of fiction (now auto-bios of somePoliticians?well, I might rethink) because I believe there'sValue in reading for all ages. It's one of the most significant Ways to use our minds & therefore learn to think & make decisions on our own. Exposure to all kinds of literature is the only way to determine personal tastes. B/C that's what they are, not edicts to determine everyone else's. I'm sorry that the woman was so hypocritical- Blinded by her egnorance. I hope your kids are better! And you get some sleep! God bless!

  4. Erica~ there were SO many things that I thought of... but she had already left, and you're right- I should have called her on it. The more I have thought about it, the more incensed I became.
    Heather~ I completely understand the "side hobby" comment. Most of mine think this is my way of fighting the "empty nest" syndrome. I need to go back to college & get a "real" job.(I've been a stay-at-home mom for 10 years with all 3 of my kids). I want to be a writer. I AM a writer... I just am not a well-known writer. YET. But I am determined to be.
    Anonymous~ THANK YOU so much for your comment. I mean that from the bottom of my heart b/c where I live, it is a conservative Christian area & most of the time, I have NO problems. The women will pull me to the side and ask where to find my book! lol It comes down to everyone needing a place to "get away" from life issues, a break from all the stress. Books of any kind give that relief. That hypocrite was only one negative in the dozens that I have told in my town of positives. She will not make me regret reaching for my dream. (Although, if I do happen to EVER see her in the book section again, I will point out the books with the most "bang" for your buck... lol. Have a GREAT weekend! And to all of you, yes, my kids are feeling better today. They are now fighting, laughing and already trying to wiggle out of their chores... so they are back to normal.

  5. I'm atheist. I don't believe in heaven or hell or the devil or Christ. It's funny when people curse me. "You're going to go to hell." I usually look at them with a calm expression. "Where is that exactly?" "Are you saying that your deity may curse me? I don't believe in whatever gods you worship. Sorry. Perhaps you need to go home and pray or something."

    Anyway good for you. And I'm glad you write the devil books. It's where the fun stuff is.