Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hotness In The Hero Making

Ok, so I have noticed one major factor that most romance writers talk about. In fact, most of us tend to make our heros look vaguely familar at some point or another. Whether it's to an actor, singer or the man next door, we all do it. We look at the hotness level & apply it to our books.  Here are my hotties, in no particular order:

Now, Gerard Butler... mmm. no words for that one except wow!  Orlando Bloom? No matter what he plays in, those dark eyes pull you into a sensual haze that you never want to leave. And Ryan Reynolds... Not only could his abs keep us busy for days, but his sense of humor & even better arms would keep us going like the energizer bunny.
However, there is one more who is my number one hottie. He is the man that Mason Steele (from my sequel, Crossing Steele) is based on in his hotness:
Nathan Fillion

Really, this man not only had me drooling in Serenity but Castle will NEVER be missed. EVER. lol So, who are your hotties? You know you have em' so come on... leave me a note and tell me who they are. Man, woman~ it doesn't matter... who are your hotties that you imagine for your books?


  1. MMM, Gerard...I have a weakness for him, but it's more than his looks. It's his voice. I was watching How to Train Your Dragon the other day. I got up to go into another room for a second, and his character said something (I have no idea what) and it sent shivers up my spine. I know that sounds a little weird for a kids movie, but his voice is just that delicious.

    I actually agree with all that you mentioned. I must add Hugh Jackman to my list of hotties. And Ewan McGregor. And Jude Law...Ok, I'll stop there. I just noticed I am leaning towards men with non-American accents. Apparently voice has a lot to do with attraction for me. Interesting...

    The only actor that I've ever imagined for a book was John Corbett for a sci-fi character. I've always had a celebrity crush on him, but strangely his character wasn't a love interest.

  2. I definitely had a thing for more men who aren't American. Nothing wrong with them but the accents just add a special "mmm mmm" feeling. Oh, and the deep growl most of them have (Gerard Butler & Hugh Jackman & Russell Crowe)? I could do a blog just on them... wow...