Monday, August 15, 2011

What Is Your Favorite Paranormal Type?

Okay~ we ALL have a favorite. You know it... I know it... the people who pretend they don't? They know it too... they just stay in the closet with their favorite characters. lol  So... what is your personal favorite paranormal hottie?
     Is it the vampire with the hot, demanding eyes that seem to burn into your soul, begging for you to say yes to him?
    Or maybe the shifter that can't seem to control himself around you because you are his mate and he is ready to claim you for his own?
   I know! It's the ghost that has waited for you to come to him for hundreds of years. Just waiting for you to love him again so that somehow, someway, he can materialize again into flesh & blood to be with you...
   Personally, I like them all.  Hey, if you are gonna drool, I think you should have a variety pack to look over, just sayin'.... But, if I had to choose just one, I would have to go with vampire.  Or maybe one of the underworld minions that seem to do all the dirty work for the head Gods that, once you are mated with them, will love you forever.. and keep you hot, bothered & safe... ish.   Now, I do want them to have some backbone though~ none of this "oh, I shouldn't be with you b/c  I might hurt you"  stuff.  I'm sorry but, if your hero has lived for a couple of hundred years and hasn't managed to be killed yet... this means he has definitely learned restraint and should be "no holds barred" at this point. (Which is why I am a serious Damon fan and NOT a Stefan fan in the Vampire no goody two shoes for this vamp girl!)

Okay, enough about my wishes.. what about yours? Tell me what is your favorites and don't forget: starting August 21, I will be having a contest for 2 free copies of my book. Get your friends to follow my blog so they can see the rules of the contest (like that's hard... they only have to post a comment lol~ I don't like complicated~) and since, at the moment, I only have 5 followers... it would be kind of embarrassing if I don't get a few more people in here. lol~ I will post everything on Friday so be ready.. be prepared... be here for GHOSTS.


  1. Hmm. I had to switch browsers in order to post lol.


    Anyway, I wanted to say that your blog doesn't look that old so having only 8 followers at this point is pretty darn good I think. Blogging is kind of difficult and you have to learn how to reach out to others and kind of build a rapport with them so that they have a reason to return to your words.

    I hope I win the free book! Books of all kinds are welcome at my house. Thanks for doing that interview on authors promoting authors.

  2. Thanks Michael, I really appreciate that! I am still such a newbie that I tend to overworry at times (the Libra in me is going in circles at the moment lol).
    Just remember to be here anytime between Friday & Sunday (by 6pm cst). People who follow my blog and leave a comment about Friday's new blog/question will get a chance to win. I will post the winners Sunday by 7pm (cst). Good Luck!

  3. I am having ISSUES with google today... ARRRHH!