Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Funny Thing About Cats

First off, my family has quite a few pets. We currently have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 fish and I lost count of the amount of chickens we have. Next spring, we plan on adding goats and hogs to the family. lol~ No, I am not kidding and, yes, we do own lots of property. Seventy-three acres in fact that is home to lots of beautiful animals… that love to eat my garden. No offense intended, but, since I have a husband who loves to hunt, this isn’t much of an issue for us.

Our cats are funny though. At the moment I have our black cat (Shadow) looking over my shoulder as I type. Within a few minutes, I will be yelling at her as she lands on my laptop, merrily chasing the mouse on my screen as I try to stop her pretty (read HUGE here) paw from hitting the “publish” button. She will smirk ( who makes up that kind of word? Honestly?) and walk off… only to be pounced on by our other cat, Cookie. Now, Cookie is a black/white cat who is only 9 months old. Still a kitten really. Shadow is already 7 years old~ set in her ways and has every intention of staying there… no matter what Cookie does to her. But still, Shadow does get in a few good licks. Just the other day she waited, lying still as if she were in her normal state (read snoring in her sleep), as Cookie slipped by. I don’t know if she were intentionly sneaking past to do something or if she was just doing a walk-by ( drive-by… just slower). Regardless, Shadow jumps over & on top of Cookie in a surprise sneak attack that, not only catches Cookie by compete surprise, it surprised the dogs as well~ who proceeded to run to the bedroom and wake up daddy( My husband who works at night… did I mention this was 10:30 am and he had only been asleep since 9 am? No? Sorry about that). So now he has 2 dogs jumping on the bed, barking hysterically that a cat fight ( that doesn’t include hair pulling or jello) is in process and all my kids and I can do is laugh.

Cookie was now on top of the washing machine, tail swishing in plot mode, as Shadow merrily walked away happily. Until the washer went to spin cycle and scared Cookie so bad she went straight up into the air, fur standing straight up and landing on the floor 3 ft away….

I love my cats~ lol

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  1. I love this! It not only brought a smile to my face, but it reminded me of the description my oldest coined about our family, "Our family is more entertaining that cable!"