Sunday, August 7, 2011

Funny Things You Type On The Internet

I love being online. In fact, I stay on it constantly (trying to remember to put up the laundry at SOME point in the day... or clean the dishes lol) to promote my first book, get the word out, etc... But I love to LOOK at *stuff*.  Facebook comments, myspace comments( although I haven't even been to that in over 2 years... do people still use myspace?) and blogs. I love blogs. Which brings me to security spam codes.

Ok~ we all have to do this on the internet. We find funny things that we have to comment on. Or there is a blog that absolutely ROCKS and we must follow it... After typing in your comment, joke, hilarious smilies EVERYWHERE - there it is.  The security code.  Now, I KNOW that the codes are computer generated. I KNOW there is not a person somewhere on the other end making these up. But, at some point, you would think there had to have been a person installing some type of dictionary. No? Then they definitely installed a great sense of humor!

Take one of my favorite blogs.   Erica Dean has a great and funny blog that I recently came across and have started following it.  She is super funny so I have to comment... when I remember to hit the send button (which is difficult for me for some reason...?).  My security code that I have to type in order to prove I am not a spammer intent on destroying the cyber universe? wait for it... wait for it...

az ass

You can't tell me there isn't a little person (probably wearing green and sitting on a pot of gold somewhere) laughing his rear off at this? I did... for 2 minutes I actually cried, I was laughing that hard.
Or how about another blog from 2 weeks ago on yahoo... are you ready?

but2  corkz

I swear I cannot make this up. Even I draw the line at some point on insanely funny, yet, bad bar humor.  I want to meet the person who came up with this idea and shake his/her hand.  They have given me much joy ever since we started seeing those codes.... I'm off to find another one!  If you have any codes that you remember as being funny, stupid, etc.. feel free to post them on the comments~

As a shout out to Erica, you should read her blog because she is hilarious! lol You can find her here:


  1. Thank you Christi, for making me laugh. And you've stumbled upon my secret. I am actually sitting in the backroom of my website, churning out security codes designed to make me giggle. Az Ass was just one of the great ones I put up today. I won't spoil rest for the others. We need to share the funny, don't you think? :)

  2. We most definitely do~ personally I think that if people laughed more, we would have much better drivers on the highway! (not the grouchy old ones that silently flip you the finger as you drive by.. you know they do).... ; )