Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Never Write Poetry for Your Kids~

FYI~ This is NOT a mommy blog. Nothing wrong with them, but I normally don't "do" those. So, now that I have that out of the way,let's talk about poetry...
Yes, I said poetry. One of my 10 year old twin daughters came to me last night & said:
   "Can you write me a poem?"
Now, this makes me automatically think about her homework... so, just in case:
   "Why? Is it for school?"
   "No, you just haven't written anything for me in a while, like stories & stuff. I just wanted to see if you would write me a poem."
Ok, I'm happywith this; I have written them stories & poetry their entire life. The guilt trip is excellently applied, so of course, I reply:
   "Ok, sure... when ya want it?"
   "Now would be great... can I watch you?"

Seriously. She wanted me to magically pull a poem out of my writer's hat then & there.  Being a mom, I said ok. Sigh.... In 10 MINUTES (mind you, she is watching me with that weird hawk look that kids get when they want KNOW the one I am talking about) I have written a poem for her. No, it wasn't long.. but I thought it was nice. It showed love, heartfelt feelings. blah blah blah. Here it is in all it's wonderful short (10 minutes I remind you) glory.


Time stands still as I look upon your beautiful face
My love is instant and unfaltering
You are my life, my love, my everything
No other line holds me except your own

Your cry fills my heart with joy... and sadness
For I know you will meet pain and sorrow
Yet the happiness you will find makes it worthwhile
And that makes my life complete

You bring me love and tears
Happiness as well as sadness
This, my child, is proof...
Balance within a soul is brought simply by..
our children

I, personally, don't think I did too shabby of a job... for a 10 minute poem for my CHILD. And her words?.... wait for it....

"Can't you write me something funny to show my friends?"

I told her to go find a Dr. Suess book & study it....  sigh.... I love my children~ such balance to my life.

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