Friday, August 12, 2011

So~ for the past few days I have been writing, revising, redoing Amazon (we won't discuss the words I used for THAT little project.. but it included lots of coffee and evil looks... & possibly a house falling on it's evilness).  I'm thinking that for all my efforts.. today I am going to just do a shameless plug of my book!  lol I am pitiful.. I know this.  In my defense, I am new to this and must rely on not only the pity date possiblity but the hope you will like it and pass me around like the magazine with the hottest gossip!

Rayna Daniels is a woman marked for death. To escape the horrible fate two serial killers have planned for her, she finds herself depending on the unique assistance and protection of Detective Chase Stone. Though her own abilities are powerful, Rayna and Chase learn that only together can they defeat the killers and find the fire within each other.


Her eyes glazed over with rage as she thought of nothing but revenge; never noticing her surroundings as several items began to levitate and circle the room. All Rayna could see was their obscured faces in the bright light above her. She groaned aloud as the rotted faces of the women appeared before her eyes. Blown away in the explosion, beyond recognition by the same men who murdered them. The pain and suffering the unknown families would surely be feeling flooded Rayna's senses, overloading her entirely.  Lights began flickering throughout the house as her emotional overload frantically searched for release.

As the lights flickered, Chase ran to Rayna's bedroom. The alarms tripped as the house began shaking roughly.
"An earthquake? What the hell?" He reached her door, trying to turn the handle. It wouldn't budge… no matter how hard he pushed. He yelled for her, trying to get her to open the door. Jeez, it sounded as if a storm was raging inside the bedroom. He could hear wind building louder until it became a loud roar. Pushing himself almost into the opposite wall, Chase shoved himself into the door, both mentally and physically. It gave, just enough for him to wedge his body into the room.

What he saw scared the crap out of him. He flattened himself against the wall so he wouldn't be hit by the swirling objects. A vase whizzed by his head, before rejoining the rest. It looked almost like a tornado, full of bedroom furniture, jerking with every emotional cry that Rayna gave. Chase had never seen this type of power before… not ever. He scanned the swirling mass for any sharp objects
before slowly making his way towards her. As calmly as he could, he reached out, trying to get her attention mentally.

"Rayna? It's me, Chase. Just me, honey. I need you to…" He watched as the television swung in his direction before slipping to the floor. It was still moving towards him so he moved slightly forward, sidestepping the tv. He continued talking quietly to Rayna, watching the storm slow down.
"Rayna please, I need you to calm yourself. Concentrate on me; focus on me. Rayna- look at me!" He yelled, ducking below a lamp as it passed by his head.

Rayna's eyes snapped towards his, locking onto his face. She gasped as she came out of her rampage; jumping in shock as everything fell crashing to the floor around her. She took a step back as Chase reached for her. Just in time, he wrapped his arms around her waist as Rayna whispered in horror.

"What have I done?"  
Her body went limp in his - she had fainted, her body exhausted, her power drained.

~~~~~~~~OKAY~ so I hope you liked the little piece I gave you.  If you do, then please pass it around and have all your friends catch my blog or, better yet, buy the novella and let me know what you think. It is currently for sale at amazon and smashwords and, within two weeks, will be at sony, apple, diesel, and barnes and noble.  Tell me your thoughts about this below~ I would love to hear comments!

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  1. I wish you the best of luck! Your story sounds exciting!