Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Learning Things The Hard Way

On August 14th, my first book will have been on sale for a month. That, by itself, is great! It's wonderful! It's TERRIFYING.  Why?  Because of the assumption that I (please tell me LOTS of others do this) made about writing.  Writing an e-book is totally DIFFERENT than writing a manuscript. I didn't think that was true at first.  It is. Anybody who tells you it is NOT? Yeah, they also have an oasis in Egypt, compete with almonds and fans, just for you.  For a steal! lol

All joking aside, I thought that the writing was the hard part. I know I mentioned this in my first blog, but it is worth repeating. Writing is easy-- the promotion is hard. HARD HARD HARD. I thought that anyway.  I have found something worse.  It's called html. Or maybe it was mobi. No, I remember now.. it is EMBEDDING.

Now, I can make my way around a computer for the most part. I know how to use Word, Works, Open Office, etc...   Copy/Paste? Sure, we are besties! Links? Yep, like the back of my hand.  Embed?  I thought I had gotten out of bed already.  Wait- does that mean I am helping a criminal? Oh God, now the cops ARE gonna be after me and not because I took the last donut before the shop closed yesterday.  Obviously I do not know code *stuff* .  I did not take a computer class on how to make cover art (oh wait.. that's falls under graphics... that's a totally different blog subject) or how to make programs.  Html looks like my youngest child got my laptop again and had fun with the keys.  Do I need to go back to college? 

No- I am going to go to the bookstore this weekend and find the best book in the world for computer illiterates like myself.... Html for dummies. Not the name? Hmmm, I will find it. Hopefully it can explain why I can't make the kindle version look NORMAL, no matter how many times I tried to fix it.  lol (I have now taken it off just so I can try to redo it. I don't want people buying ugly formatted stuff that makes me look bad.) If it can't be professional-looking then I just proved the whole point of Indies not making on their own.  And they can... and they DO. Everyday...
Now if I can just find my wizard's hat to turn the pumpkin back into a book....

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