Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cover Art Is Like Chocolate...

Okay, so cover art isn't exactly like chocolate but it's close.  You don't think so? Hmmm... I'm thinking we are gonna have to have a lesson then. lol   Here we go!

Think about it like this: you have many different kinds of chocolate to choose from: sweet, semi-sweet & dark. You have the option of having it hard-edged like a candy bar or soft and sweet like a marshmallow. Or maybe even the kind that coats all the fun, edible stuff like strawberries, Oreo cookies w/ cream cheese or peanut butter.  So many choices to choose from! lol (I won't get into toppings because that is a WHOLE other topic in itself!)
Cover art is the same way. What do YOU want as the cover of your book? It depends on the book itself and your own personal taste. Does it have a hard edge to it? Or is it soft & gooey to make you all warm inside? Is it spine-tingling or is it so hot that you need a cold shower after you are finished reading it?
Regardless, your cover needs to draw attention to itself.. in a GOOD way. Obviously, it needs to catch the eye of a potential buyer- that's a given.  But it also has to match the feel of the book. And please... PLEASE remember that if you use people on your cover art, please try to match them with your characters in the book.  Honestly, I can't say how many times I have been turned off by a book just because the cover has a different people than what is mentioned in it. You know what I'm talking about...

The hero with his striking black hair and green eyes glared down at his beautiful, yet stubborn, captive. She shook her head in denial and promised retaliation, even as her blond hair seemed to wrap itself around his hand on its own.

And the cover art on the front is a brown-haired woman with a man with blond hair. That is annoying. That is unprofessional... That does NOT get you any chocolate.
The point is, make sure that your cover art is everything YOU want it to be. Don't let others decide for you. Instead, make sure everything matches the characters of the book.  Make sure you are 100% happy with it before you are ready to release it to the world. Why?  Because we are watching... we are waiting... we want to read your book~ if you can capture our attention.
Now, I am off to make homemade cookies because all I can think of is ...well... you know.

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  1. this is a great post and so true you want to attract your readers with a cover that appeals to them.