Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cars Are Easier Than Manuscripts

No, you didn't misread the title, I promise.  I have realized that cars are actually easier to fix than a manuscript.  I have just helped my husband change out the spark plugs in our car (he pulled his lower back so he "coached" me on how to change them). Now, that was definitely an experience but I'm not finished.  He has changed out the thermostat, the water pump and put on a new tire...okay, so walmart put on the new tire, but I paid them to do it. lol
I have yet to work on my WIP though.  With Jamie's back being pulled (I have to take him for an MRI today), 3 children with school work, trying to keep the house clean, bills paid & everybody happy... yeah, I haven't even looked at it.  Granted, I have been swamped with family issues & car issues, but still, I should have at least LOOKED at it, right?  It's not that I am stuck with writer's block... I just don't want to work on it right now.
So what do you do when this happens to you? Or does this happen to you? Do you continue to work on it, hoping that you aren't making it worse or do you walk away from your wip for a while, just to give yourself breathing room or a break?  I suppose it depends on whether you are a traditional writer or self-publishing one.  Since I have only written one book that is self-published, I am very much still new at this.  I am going to finish up a blanket & then look at it again with a fresh eye. That way, I can see if I still like the way it's going. 

Now for the fun part:

Tell me what you do when you are tired of writing.  On Friday, I will pick a winner from random.org who will recieve a free ebook copy of my book, A Fire Within. (And be sure to share it with your friends!) 


  1. I don't think I ever tire of writing, I do tire of the things that keep me from writing. I do however find I get tired of my WIP, but only because I get stuck on something that I just can't get right. So I go to the lake. A little change of scenery and I'm ready to go.

  2. I was tired of writing when the only time I had to write was late at night (8:30pm or afterwards) and I had to get up at 5:30am the next day. This was when I was pregnant (tired all the time, and miserable with every conceivable pregnancy complaint under the sun) and then when I had a baby. I was trying to work full-time (with 3 hours travel) and then look after a baby and manage a household at home, and still have some time to myself. If I had been writing, that might have counted as 'time to myself', but my WIP was at the revisions/editing stage, and every writer knows how much hard work that can be. I couldn't face it.

    The answer turned out to be - time management! I bought myself a netbook (outlay, $400) and now I write 2 hours a day on the train. I'm happy, even though it's hard work. Sometimes I forget my stop....