Friday, September 30, 2011

How Goats Are Promoting My WIP~

Yep... I did say goats. I even said the word promote.  They are great at promoting your work.  They are great at helping you work harder on your Work In Progress (wip for all those who didn't know what that was).  If I had known how much they would help me, I would have gotten one sooner. Wait a minute, I feel a Dr. Seuss moment coming on.... whew! It passed~

How do goats help you? It's really easy. Once you have a goat, you will decide after the first day or two that you will promise to do your own work, you will worker harder at your manuscipt, ANYTHING to not have to work with the said goat ever.. ever... ever.. again.  How do I know this? lol~ My husband and I have brought two goats to our growing "farm" to live.  We officially have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 fish, 16 chickens.. and now, 2 goats.  No, the number 2 is actually not a requirement.  It just keeps happening to us. (I swear there is NO ARK in the making!)  So far, they have managed to get tangled into every vine, weed, grass & limb that they refuse to eat, which means I am the one who has to untangle them from all the wonderul things they find to get into.  Let's not forget the water buckets that the youngest goat watches you fill with it's head turned just soooo.  Then butts it over with her horned head so she can watch you refill it - 3 more times.

The best part though? When I let the chickens loose from their pen. You would have thought we were having the end of the world, goat style. REM's "It's  The End OF The World" (I think is the name of the song~ someone tell me if I am wrong!)  goes through my head everytime I let the chickens out. It is the funniest thing!  The goats running in circles ~ the chickens flapping & crowing at the goats. The goats baaaaiiinng back in defense. I'm telling you, Russia and the US had nothing on these guys! 

So now, I am working hard on my manuscript, eyeing my hubby to see how I can talk him into watering the goats today. Cause I enjoy a good show... just sayin'  ....  ; )

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