Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Do You... Or Don't You? Outline, that is!

Okay, I freely admit it to the world. I am a list-maker. I honestly don't think I could live without my lists, in fact.  A list for groceries.  A list of what to plant in our garden.  A list of what I want my sweet hubby to do (fixing things). And yes... I even will ( on occasion only, mind you) write a list of the lists I need to make!  (Sweet hubby threatens to hide them sometimes, lol)

I know, that's just too much at times, but what about in writing?  Whether it is for blogging or for a manuscript, do you keep lists of what you want? The official word scares some people.


Yeah, I said it. Outline.  Do you write an outline for your work or do you just go with the flow? Me? I'm pretty sure you've already guessed my answer. I have to have an outline. In fact, I use notecards to write down special scenes to go along WITH my outline.  And usually? I tend to write my ending first. lol I like knowing the end result and making my words get to that point.  It helps me focus so much more.  Then again, I tend to be very ummm... what are the words? Oh yeah... easily distracted.

So, do you or don't you? If you do outline, do you set it up based on chapters or points of interest only? What do you use to keep yourself from being distracted?  Let me know!


  1. wow I wish I could outline.
    I don't have the patience for it

  2. I outline. I draft the basics of a plot from start to finish and then start writing. Sometimes there are holes I don't realise until I get there and have to be plugged as i go and of course new subplots ocur to nme as I writer. But mostly I outline. I didn't in the past, but I find my plot makes more logical sense when I do.

  3. I outline when I'm done with the first draft - just to make sure it all flows and makes sense and that every scene has a purpose. But during my process I just go with the flow.

  4. LOL, I've written so many posts about my outlines. I'm actually about to step away from the computer (god willing) and work on my current outline. I refuse to write without one.

  5. lol I can't write without one. My DH tells me that I never outgrew my ADD which is why I can't focus. LOL And that's TRUE! (Not making fun it, believe me, you learn to deal with it). I have my outlines, my notecards and sticky notes covering them all with pop up ideas... so I don't forget them. UNTIL my cat comes along and thinks it is funny as hell to play "Kitty putt-putt" with them. Sigh...