Saturday, January 28, 2012

How Much For That Mutt In The Window? Are You Crazy?

First of all, I am apologizing for the long absence of blogs. Really, it wasn't intentional~ I've just been SWAMPED with work around the house plus our children.  Between school singing practice, teaching the kids to ride, building new animal enclosures... I lost myself a while back so if you see me... stop me so I can catch up with myself!

Now, on to my blog today.  When did we become a society that pays for a mixed breed dog to the point of idiocy?  Don't get me wrong, they make great pets. They really do. But I can remember when people were UPSET that their registered dog was impregnated by another breed of dog. It didn't matter if the father was registered or not... It was given away quickly because it HURT THE BREEDS INTEGRITY. 

Now, I see on a buy/sell/trade page on Facebook ads for puppies all the time. People make a point of saying that both parents are registered and that the puppies are $250 each.   For a Maltese/Shih Tzu mix.
Really?  How is it that people can pay $250 for a mutt when there are so many puppies in shelters that not only cost a lot less but that will have their life saved? I will be the first to admit that I will pay money for a dog~ but only for a pure-blooded animal. If I am going to fork out that much money for a dog, it had better be full-blooded.. and possibly come with a few gold coins. 

The point is, if you have enough money to buy a mutt... make it count. Go to your local shelter and look there. There are way too many unwanted animals that are going to be euthanized because they were accidents. Why pay an outrageous fee for an animal that the breeders were either too lazy or too greedy, not caring that they are destroying 2 breeds? 

Okay, that's enough of my personal rant today.  I promise to go back to my regular blog.  Actually, you know what? I don't.  I'm going to be changing things up a bit around here.  I will be writing regularly about writing, my books I'm working on, etc... BUT I will also be talking about farm life and other things.  Let me know some things you would like to talk about.


  1. Oh the moral dilemma of the puppy farm. People will do anything for money.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly, Christi. It can also be akin to adoption of the human species. There are so many children in the system that would love to be part of a family and all that entails, but we are so focused on having the genetic code passed on that we rate the foster children as "not good enough."

  3. People fail to realize when they get a mix of 2 pure-bred animals, they may be getting the worst of each! My neice got a pair of puggles (Pug/Beagles) and she has the most hellacious dogs ever! They howl like Beagles (they're also high strung, running and jumping on everything like a beagle) but they have the Pug's tendency to overheat but none of their sweet disposition. Every breed has it's drawbacks, but if you're going for a designer dog, you should keep in mind what you might be getting...something that is neither this nor that but something completely new. And not neccessarily desirable. That's why I got a Mastiff. I expected the drool, and the size, and the temperment. I got exactly what I wanted.

  4. I tell my husband this. He wants a husky because our friends have one and he's a beautiful dog. I tell him that dog is part Golden Retriever which is where the personality comes from and no he can't have a husky because they will eat our cats. And there is no guarantee that another husky/Golden retriever combo will turn out the same.

    Both our cats are moggies and one was a rescue at 4 weeks old. That cat has serious issues, but he loves me, so what can I say?

  5. Thanks for the comments everybody~ it's nice to see others who agree with me. I have nothing against purebloods and I have nothing against mutts. In fact, I've had both. I just don't see paying a huge amount of money for a mutt when there are so many that need homes already.