Monday, December 26, 2011

New Year Resolutions: Do You Or Don't You?

(Warning: actual serious post... maybe)

Well? Do you or don't you make New Year's resolutions?  I've actually never done it really. Personally, I never saw the point. Most people make the promises to themselves, or to their family or friends and then break them... usually within a day or two. I have never been one to break promises (unless there was no option.. none of us are perfect) and so I saw no point... until this year.
This year has been the WORST year ever for me. Yes, I did self publish my first book and that was AWESOME.  But that pretty much was the only good thing. Don't get me wrong, I am not gonna go into a depressive spiral, venting all my issues on a public blog that makes you want to beat your head into a wall going "kill the wabbit", or in this case, my blog. ;)  But, it has been tough, seriously tough, and to get myself out of the state I am in... drum roll, please... I am going to make some resolutions.

So here goes:
    We are putting exercise equipment in one of our bedrooms so that we can actually get into shape.  I plan on losing the last 40 pounds within 7 months. ( Please tell me this is realistic! lol)

    I am going to have the other 2 books I am working on finished by the end of the year. I took the time off to spend with my hubby & kids for Thanksgiving & Christmas but now it's time to get on the ball now. This includes this blog. I am apologizing for writing so little. It's been a little busy here! lol

 3. RIDE
    We are redoing our fenceline this coming spring so that we can have our own horses for the kids & for me. (And maybe the hubby if he gives in to it). No more depending on others and it's time for us to do this as a family anyway. The kids are REALLY glad about this one since they weren't really happy with the last place.

OK, so these are my 3 resolutions. Nothing really fancy, nothing that should be too hard to do. (I think!)So, what are yours? What do YOU want to do differently this coming new year? I want to know!
 And now... time for the required EYE CANDY PIC OF THE DAY!!!
      Can you tell me who it is?



  1. Welcome Back, Christi! New Year's Resolutions and I have never really gotten along, much for the same reasons you mentioned. However, that doesn't stop me from making little "wanna do's" throughout the year. The upcoming year is no different.

    1: I am going to go a whole month without missing a day of work. No excuses, no rationalizations, just getting up and going to work for my scheduled hours.

    2: I'm also going to work on my story. I used to write all of the time and when I did, I was calmer and more focused. I am missing that, so I'm going to go back to what has worked in the past.

    3: And, the good ol' fashioned stand-by...I'm going to lose weight. I have already been losing just by making different choices, but it's time to kick it into high gear. I'm tired of being tired and not happy with what I see in the mirror.

    The quitting smoking goal is on the "wait" list due to my desire to see my oldest grown and on her own before I subject the rest of the family to nicotine withdrawals.


  2. Oh...and to answer your question...the eye candy is Steven Strait. LOL

  3. Hi Christi!! Been following you on Twitter for a while but this is my first time commenting on your blog!!

    The eye candy is Steven Strait! Yum!! and sweet he is!! As for the whole New Year's resolution thing, I usually make some kind of vow to myself but I try for something realistic. You hit the nail on the head about them not lasting long.

    My first is everyone's usual... losing weight, except mine is to get healthier, instead. I don't eat all day and then chow at supper cuz I'm starving! Not good for the old blood sugar! As I'm not getting any younger, (are any of us?) I'm determined to get in some hours of exercise every week, eat at least twice a day (Hey! It's a start!) and make some relaxation time. Oh! and it would be nice to have some human interaction other than online, although I cherish every one of my online sweeties, face-to-face (my family doesn't count) would be sweet, too, so, I'm vowing to make girls' time at least every other week. We'll see how long that one lasts... Ugh! I'm soooooo bad at that!

    My second vow is to schedule writing time instead of just flying by the seat of my pants. I'll write straight through for days but then, I go dry for days, as well. Not good for creative juices. I actually feel the urge to write but I neglect real life and cannot write when I NEED to!! The worst!! Notes scribbled in a notebook or on my iPhone do NOT count.

    Third is to spend more quality time with my family... NOT in front of the TV, either. I'm talking museums, water parks, dinners out, even movies at the theater count. Too many times we meet at the dinner table (my one demand) and then all drift off to our own thing afterwards. Next thing you know... one is off to college and the other married with kids of their own. I am not letting that happen!! I swear!! Time together now while still singing 'The Cat's in the Cradle' can do some good... LOL!!!

    Now that I've left an hour long comment... hee hee!! I hope you have a wonderful New Year!! Best of everything to you and yours!!!

    Charli xoxo

  4. It's gonna be easier for you to lose the weight, Tari, once you move closer to me! lol And I am so glad to see you on here CharliDenae! Thanks so much for posting on my blog. The eating healthier we are doing, now we just need to get off our rears and do the exercising. And I completely understand the making time to write. I have been letting all the family stuff (note the word DRAMA here) get in the way. I refuse to do that anymore. I promise myself that I will set time aside everyday to write, no matter what. And still plan on spending time with my 3 kids also! Considering the size of the garden we plan on having this spring, along with the new horses we are getting, that shouldn't be a problem.. hopefully! I hope you both have great New Year's and please, pass the blog around like a virus... I would love to have more viewers! lol

  5. And yeah, it IS Steven Strait. Hotness doesn't even begin to describe him.. mmm mmm good! lol